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Always good service and great food.

Andrew, 20 Jun 2021

Lovely food and shakes, delivered quick and always warm and fresh

Sharon, 19 Jun 2021


Jack, 18 Jun 2021

Top quality

Paul, 14 Jun 2021


Thomas, 28 May 2021

All good

Neil, 22 May 2021

Love the garlic pizzas best ones around from here

Jill, 21 May 2021


Order from here all the time and delivery time is always a while but today was a big disappointment. Took two hours, forgot our garlic bread and the food we did get was stone cold.

Courtney, 17 Apr 2021

2hour wait for food. Turned up stone cold. Disgusting. Never again.

Mark, 16 Apr 2021

Very impressed

Stephen, 01 Apr 2021

Always great food and friendly staff! Thank you

Emma, 31 Mar 2021

GH j

Jhone, 25 Mar 2021

I'm not sure what u don't understand about the salad being separate. My daughter is allergic to onions yet u keep mixing them with her burgers

Leeanne, 23 Mar 2021

Best quality and value for money certainly the best around East Leeds

Andy, 16 Mar 2021

Worst delivery service ever! Waiting 1 hour and 15 minutes for 2 kebabs is unacceptable. And its not the first time! Never order from here again.

Mentor, 14 Mar 2021

Hey Team Caesars, the food was great as usual, but for the second time of ordering since we have ordered from you, it was flat cold when it got here and we had to warm it up again. Just feedback not a complaint.

Ian, 13 Mar 2021

Garlic margarita is delicious from here. Best one around...

J, 06 Mar 2021

Didn't put the onions seperate which I clearly asked for, my daughter's allergic to them

Leeanne, 06 Mar 2021



Nick, 05 Mar 2021



Nick, 05 Mar 2021


Always grand

Nick, 05 Mar 2021


Great food, good portion size. Delivery driver top lad

Nick, 05 Mar 2021


Claire, 20 Feb 2021

LiArs on order

Claire, 20 Feb 2021

Food was very good as usual. Not a big issue but the cans of pepsi and tango that were part of the meal deals didn't arrive with the order, we didn't notice until after the driver had left and it wasn't worth getting him to come back for a few cans of pop. Thanks.

Brian Taylor, 20 Feb 2021

Pleasant staff and good foood

David, 14 Feb 2021